February 6, 2023

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Tiger Woods is back, baby! This morning the legendary golfer announced he will be competing in the PNC Championship on December 18th-19th alongside his son, Charlie. This will be Tiger’s first official competitive golf event since his violent car accident back in February. I never thought I’d be streaming the PNC Championship ever in my life, but I know for a fact golf fans all over the world will be tuning in to see the greatest of all time make yet again another triumphant return to the game.

Woods’s career has been littered with career-delaying injuries, most prominently his 5 back surgeries and 5 knee operations. With his latest injury sustained to his right leg in his car accident a metal rod was required to fully heal the bones properly, thus solidifying the fact that Tiger Woods is now the bionic golfer.

25 years on the PGA Tour, a body that’s taken more damage than a veteran stripper, and a record nobody in modern golf can beat makes this man’s career one of the most inspiring stories in sports history.

Tiger Woods

As someone who grew up playing the same courses in Southern California as Tiger I look to this guy as an idol (even with his sex scandals). Obviously it’s only the PNC he’s playing in, not the Masters. Regardless, considering the fact that this guy almost lost his leg in a car accident 10 months ago and is now golfing in a competitive sporting event should send chills up any person’s spine that has one. Let’s hope this is one tournament of many to come and the first step on the path to major championship number 16.

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