March 20, 2023

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Tiger at The Open… Rough, No Pun Intended

Tiger Woods is once again fighting to make the cut in a major championship this season, this time returning to the old course at St. Andrew’s hoping for a shot at The Open championship on a familiar layout which won him the title over 20 years ago. So far it’s been a rough start for the big cat who’s +5 for his opening round, a detrimental 14 strokes behind the leader which puts Woods at risk for missing the cut and leaving his chances of victory on the table.


We all know Tiger’s been physically struggling in his return to physical normalcy after a violent car accident back in January of 2021 which left him with severe damage to his right leg. Though the 15 time major champion is on track to miss the cut, there’s a lot of major positives to take away from this first round performance. For one, his stride seems more stable than his first Major appearance since his accident at Augusta back in April. Even with a not so up to par start, Tiger seems like he’s on a good track physically to return to a slightly higher volume playing schedule.

Along with his physical health, Tiger seems to be hitting some excellent shots, extremely reminiscent of the same ability which won his 15th major at the 2019 Masters. If you’re a fan of the big cat, just remember, this round is still a huge accomplishment for Tiger. Sure, he’ll most likely miss the cut, but the fact that he’s walking well and competing in a major once again after such a brutal crash is a massive achievement on its own. Get after it, big cat.

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