May 28, 2023

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Tiger Williams: The Original Tiger of the Sports World

Everyone knows the big cat of golf, Tiger Woods, but before the kid from California began to dominate the world of golf, there was another Tiger that came to mind in the sports world. In the 70’s and 80’s David “Tiger” Williams was an enforcer for multiple teams with the majority of his career spent in Toronto. Williams isn’t remembered, however, for his fairly average offensive presence. Nope, Tiger Williams will forever be cemented as the record holder for most penalty minutes in NHL history.

With an insane number of 3971 penalty minutes amassed in his career Williams set a record likely to be untouched in the modern, more controlled era of hockey. A regular in the box and a savage in after game interviews, Tiger’s often remembered for having one of the best chirping minds in league history, something that often contributed to his godly level of penalty minutes.

Tiger Williams is the embodiment of old school hockey. The dude would chirp the shit outta every player on the opposing team, throw a massive hit, celly like a complete jackass, fight, then chirp some more. Honestly, with the way he played the game it’s surprising he didn’t hit 4.5k minutes in the box. When it comes to being a complete shithead getting under the other team’s skin, Tiger Williams was god level.

Much like the countless other memorable careers that have been forgotten over the decades, Tiger’s unique NHL tenure has been lost in time, but his penalty minute record will never be forgotten. Next time you hear the name “Tiger,” hopefully you think of the OG goon that once dominated the league in his own annoying way.


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