March 31, 2023

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Tiger King 2

Tiger King Season one was pretty good. It highlighted the life of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. The season was unexpected as no-one really new about any of these people and what they were about. Also, it took the world by storm because it came out right around the tie COVID started so everyone had a ton of time on their hands. I mean shit, Bo Burnham made a whole movie from his apartment.

Netflix was hoping to feast on a second helping of ratings gold with another season of its smash hit docudrama… but there was no meat left on this bone. Season 1’s breakout stars were mostly absent this time around — Joe Exotic is in prison, and Carole Baskin refused to participate — leaving us with supporting players rehashing a story we’ve already heard. The streaming TV equivalent of a shameless cash grab, Season 2 felt lazy, slapped together and completely unnecessary.

Overall, I’d say Tiger King 2 was slow and disconnected. I stopped watching entirely before the last two episodes ended just because it was boring as fuck. Its way better when Joe Exotic is the main focus.

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