February 6, 2023

The Tap Daily

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This Ride Almost Flipping is Every Carnival Goer’s Biggest Nightmare

This is actually insane! A Michigan carnival turned chaotic this past Sunday when a ride suddenly became dislodged and began rocking back and forth, almost tipping over. The close call took place at Traverse City’s National Cherry Festival when bystanders had to intervene in order to keep the ride from completely falling on its side and potentially injuring everyone onboard. I don’t think this is what Richard Branson meant when he said he hopes kids dream of flying to space one day.

I haven’t been to a carnival in years, but now I remember why I will never again go on one of these sus ass rides they wheel in once a year. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like eating deep-fried whatever the fuck foods on a stick just as much as the next fat fuck. But if you ask me to willingly strap myself into a machine that was delivered on a trailer and is operated by some 16 year old stoner who is more zoned into TikTok than actually operating the ride, then you’re out of your goddamn mind.

I mean did you see the guy operating the ride in the video?! Dude bailed immediately! I understand there’s not much one guy can do at that point, but shouldn’t a captain go down with their ship? Or in this case, a carnie with their trailer ride? In all seriousness it’s just a relief that there were no injuries and only a few pairs of shit-filled pants. So next time you go to your local carnival, watch this video and ask yourself “what would the ride operator do if this thing malfunctioned?” If your answer is anything but hit the freakin’ stop button, then stick to ring toss instead.

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