February 2, 2023

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This is the Best Snow Season in California History

Last week I had the opportunity to fly up to Tahoe, California for a much needed winter vacation. As most people who regular the Northern California ski capital we had to fly into Reno from L.A., but due to a massive snowstorm in the area we were literally stuck in Reno for 2 days waiting for the roads to clear. Little did we realize we were waiting as the biggest snowstorm in Tahoe history was taking place.

That’s right, the record for most snow in the month of December, a record that’s been held since 1970, was shattered with a week to spare. Even when the road finally cleared what we saw was unbelievable. 6 foot high snow banks lined the highway all the way from the beginning of the pass, tree-burying powder covered every inch of slope around us. In my entire life, Tahoe or anywhere else, this was easily the craziest amount of snow I’d ever even heard of.

The reason I went up in the first place was to do some snow mobiling with my friend’s family for the week, but even that proved to be difficult with the amount of powder. It took us all of about 5 minutes to get 4 out of our 5 machines stuck chest deep in the snow, and another hour to dig everyone out. Eventually we figured out the right trails to stick too and finally got a groomer out to pack down the powder, but damn! The snow out there right now is UNBELIEVABLE.

The storms have finally ended up there, making travel to the current California snow capital easier. So if you’re a snowboarder or skier looking for the best season of your life then get your ass up to Tahoe. Just make sure you keep an eye out for avalanche conditions because this season is not one to challenge with ballsy decisions. Stick to the trails. Trust me, you’ll still be in more powder than you can handle.

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