March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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This Is Hands Down The World’s Greatest Twitter Account

Twitter is like the Wild West and my personal favorite social media platform. From the accurate breaking news to heinous and graphic posts, Twitter has a lot to bring to the table. Think about it. What other platform can you get accurate updates on COVID while also seeing a frighteningly detailed video of someone getting run over by a car? Not many……

Which brings me to my favorite account of all time, @superhuman1234. The Super Human is a death defying daredevil who lives life on the edge. He is a juggalo, thrill seeker and online stunt man dynamo. Not only does he risk his own safety for out own entertainment, but he also makes the world a better place. The video above is just his most recent post, nothing out of the ordinary.

If you are weak in the stomach or grossed out by injuries, this is not the account for you. Some of his other posts include jumping onto nails, a refrigerator with glass on it and getting fireworks shot at him from point blank. He is a true American hero and needs to be recognized for his bravery. Women want him, men want to be him and our children need to be more like him. Remember…. he lives for you, jugglos and juggalettes.

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