June 5, 2023

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Things You Should Get Rid of After College

carpet Turkish traditional decoration hand made

Time to ditch these items and get a job hippie!

For many people, college can be the first true taste of independence in one’s life. With said independence comes the freedom to buy new things and decorate your dwelling however you deem fit. However, some things are better off in the dorms than they are in the adult world. Here’s a list of items you should ditch after graduating.


This one is dear to my heart. In college, my mini-fridge was not only a great way to keep beverages within an arm’s reach of my bed but also a great way to keep groceries away from the common thievery that took place in my house’s main refrigerator. Nevertheless, if you’ve graduated and are still using one of these to stuff all of your food into, sell the damn thing and go buy a real fridge like an adult.

Wall Tapestries

These decorative items are commonplace amongst free-spirited girls ‘born in the wrong decade’ and stoner guys passionate about photoshopped images of outer space. If you see a wall tapestry in a full-grown person’s home, he or she has probably spiked the punch bowl with molly and will be religiously attending Coachella throughout their thirties. Best to just burn it and buy an oriental rug instead.

LED Light Strips

Great dorm item. If you pulled up to someone’s room and these things were going off, you knew you were in the right place. However, as the years go by, LED light strips tend to lose their luster (no pun intended). If you’re a college graduate bumping the strobe setting at your next friendly gathering, you are more likely to induce a seizure than a good time.

Greek Life Apparel

This stuff is great while you’re in school, but not so much after graduation. You don’t want to pull up to a hometown reunion at 26 years old rocking the rush tee shirt from your sophomore year of college. Greek life clothes should stay on Greek row where they belong, despite how many fond memories they may contain. Keeping a hoodie for sentimental purposes is fine, but perhaps it’s time to donate the rest of your beer-stained gear to a younger generation.

Twin XL Sheets

Sweat, shame, and tears. Need I say more? If for some ungodly reason you have a hard time parting with your collegiate linens, maybe it’s time to whip out a blacklight and then see how you feel.

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