February 2, 2023

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These Vin Diesel “Family” Memes are Hilarious

Who needs oxygen when you have family? Yes, apparently in the latest film of the Fast and Furious saga, “F9”, they literally drive a car into space… Yeah, you read that right. Space. I think the only thing funnier than the intrigue, let alone the plausibility of some souped up muscle car floating past the international space station are the memes that have come from this series.

With a movie concept this ridiculous how can you not expect people to make an absolute joke out of it? Also… F9?! They’re on number 9 already? I’m sorry, but I know I speak for a lot of people when I say my interest in these films died once Paul Walker passed away. I don’t think the words “Vin Diesel really killed it in this one” have ever been uttered after watching the first 8 pieces of this giant shit slide out into theaters.

But hey, when you have family, apparently you have a 9 film franchise, too. Shit, why stop at 9? How ’bout “Fast 36: Dom Saves the Titanic?” Sure, we’ll have to rip off Back to the Future a bit but hey, when you got family you can do anything. Look, I get the loyalty from the fans of the original Fast and Furious films, but when the plots of your movies start getting confused with the Sharknado franchise maybe you should reevaluate how well a Chevelle really can do in space.

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