February 2, 2023

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There’s nothing cooler than getting picked onstage to jam with your favorite artist

Concerts and live music are back, which means bands are eager to put on a show in front of thousands of screaming, adoring fans. And the only thing better than watching your favorite artist, is getting to perform with them. Luckily, for a few adoring fans, this dream became a reality.

There’s honestly probably nothing cooler than getting plucked out of the audience on stage and being able to jam out with your favorite band. And there’s nothing more sick than an artist who’s cool enough to let down their ego and bring up a fan for the experience of a lifetime. Here’s a few of my favorite fan/artist collabs on stage.

Here, rapper Dave brings on an ever enthusiastic fan named Alex who absolutely smashes the song Thiago Silva

Legend Bruce Springsteen pulls up an Australian kid who skipped school for the concert and the two power through lesser-known song “Growin’ Up” (how appropriate).

At a 2013 Q&A Billy Joel gets asked by a bold college student if he could come up and play “New York State of Mind” with the Piano Man himself. Luckily, the kid killed it.

At a festival in Scotland, The Killers brought up a fan named Tony who played drums for their hit song “For Reasons Unknown” Tony kept the beat, and got the memory of a lifetime.

At a concert in Germany, this fan was lucky enough to be pulled up to play with Chris Martin and Coldplay.

Here’s hoping one day we can get to have such a cool experience.

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