March 31, 2023

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There should be a dress code for flying

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Remember when people used to dress up in order to fly? Now, everyone shows up for their flight dressed in their schleppiest “outfits”, with no real consideration into looking like a respectable human being. In the words of Sebastian Maniscalco… “aren’t you embarrassed?” Do people have no shame anymore? Going out in public and onto a flight like you’re about to hibernate for six months, has become the norm and I’m sick of it.

And don’t give me the “it’s comfortable” argument. Yes, we all know your pajamas are comfy, but you know what’s even more comfortable? Retaining your dignity because you went into public dressed like a productive, functioning adult. There’s no need to look like you rolled out of your bed and into seat 22F.

Airlines should 1,000% enact a dress code. Nothing crazy… but I’d suggest business casual. Just collars for men and some nice skirts for the ladies. It feels good to dress up, you know, pretend we live in a society. Plus, people tend to behave better when they’re not dressed like white trash.

I mean, is it that hard to have some respect and class? Sitting down right now in the terminal, the woman next to me is wearing an oversized sweatshirt, thick sweatpants and not a care in the fucking world. And it’s not like it’s even a *fancy* sweatshirt, or an expensive designer sweatsuit. It’s some shit this asswipe just schlepped on this morning.

You wanna wear workout clothes? Go to a fucking gym. If I’m going to be sitting next to you for the next five hours, I’d at least appreciate a little effort in making yourself somewhat presentable. I’m not saying you have to dress for the nines. There’s no need for a top hat and three piece suit. But like, let’s not ignore the fact that you look like a homeless person. The next time you fly, do your part… dress up, you’ll be glad you did.

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