February 2, 2023

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The WFH hack you need to start doing

city street photo

Photo by Nout Gons on Pexels.com

Another day at the office… or should I say another day hunched over your IKEA desk in your shitty studio apartment. Well here’s a work from home (WFH) hack I discovered (and literally do everyday) to liven up my workspace and my mood.

On YouTube, there’s a million of these “4k walking videos” of people just walking through literally any place on earth. They’re so peaceful and relaxing and literally allow you to pretend you’re roaming the streets of a long desired getaway instead of staring at whatever shitty thing would normally be playing on your living room TV.

I put them on in the background when I’m working because I really love the city-noise (makes me feel like I’m not alone). These background videos instantly transport me to the canals of Amsterdam

or… a white sandy Hawaiian beach

or even roaming the bustling markets of Bangkok

And the great part is, there’s a 4k walking video for literally ANY city on the planet.

Trying to remember that amazing spring break trip you took in Croatia? Here, go for a little walk.

Want some New York pep in your step? Here’s a midtown commute.

So if you desperately need an escape (or just a sense of civilization) find your favorite city, or even a place you’ve never been, throw on the 4k walking video and just enjoy.

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