March 31, 2023

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The Warzone Krampus is a Hilarious COD Troll

If you’re like me then you’re not treating every game of COD like it’s a life or death battle for your gaming reputation, but for a lot of guys set on having the perfect Warzone record the new Christmas Krampus has become the most annoying COD troll ever. Last week the new Caldera Warzone map had a holiday update which added the terrifying mythical Christmas creature, Krampus, a massive beast which chases players around while throwing snowballs at them.

The funny thing is the Krampus only chases players that are camping or aren’t playing the objective of the game, so all these kids bitching and complaining about the Krampus killing them are regular campers. The fact that the game added a Krampus to slaughter players and troll them for camping is absolutely hilarious. In my opinion the Krampus is one of the funniest moves COD could’ve made.

A Christmas monster throwing snowballs at you while trying to kill you’re team, all because you’re playing like shit? That’s amazing. It’s also hilarious that he just appears right in front of you and starts chasing you immediately. The jump scares I’ve seen so far have been wild and mostly consist of grown men screaming and running away from a digital monster.

I have yet to run into the Krampus myself, probably because I actually play the fucking game, but when I finally do I can almost guarantee there will be screaming and running going on.

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