June 5, 2023

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The Top 5 Vince Vaughn Rants of All Time

Say what you want about his movies, but Vince Vaughn should be regarded as one of the best-unbridled ranters of all time.  There always comes a point in a Vince Vaughn movie where he cuts the shit, and tells his friend/partner exactly how things are.  These are the scenes we look forward to, the scenes that we know will happen because we see Vince’s name in the credits.  Whether he’s giving his friend the pep talk of the century, or letting his uncontrollable rage rain down upon the receiver, Vince never misses.  These are not the best Vince Vaughn movies of all time, nor all of them good movies to begin with; but here are Vince Vaughn’s top 5 rants of all time. 


5.) The Dilemma- By no means is this movie of substance, or really quality at all.  But at this dinner scene where Vince is debating telling his friend of his cheating fiancé, he is absolutely peak form.  This is a scene that is pure Vince, pure rant, and pure simmering anger. 

4.) The Breakup- This again will fall into a category of movies that most of you will overlook, but as far as a quintessential performances by Vince, this is top notch.  In this scene he is attacking his soon to be ex-wife’s family in a complete verbal barrage.  If you want to go toe-to-toe with Vince in a rant-off, you better know what you’re asking for.


3.) Old School-We now arrive at the upper echelon of Vince Vaughn movies, an all time classic, Old School.  Not only did this scene bring ‘earmuffs’ to the forefront of all medium jokes made for the last decade, but its also one of those formative scenes that we will always reference for future Vaughn rants to come.  In this scene Vince puts it plainly to his friend just how much ass he could be getting in his new pad. 


2.) Wedding Crashers-Some might argue this is the best Vince Vaughn movie of all time.  Putting Vince next to another quotable heavyweight like Owen Wilson is pure gold.  Vince’s best rant in this film is where we find him his most broken.  After being sexually assaulted the night before and dealing with a stage 1 clinger, Vince just wants to enjoy his breakfast and get out.


1.) Swingers-This is for those Vince Vaughn purists out there.  The OG Vince film that all Vince rants would come to flow from.  All I can say is, “You’re so money baby.”        


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