March 20, 2023

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The Rock’s New Rap Song is Terrible

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should stick to two things: Having a last name that’s another phrase for penis, and making dog shit sequels to the once great ‘Fast n’ Furious’ franchise because this latest attempt by the WWE alumni at a rap career is just horrible. Last week rapper Tech N9ne released a new song called “Face Off” featuring the one and only The Rock. I was willing to give it a chance and listen all the way through, but even after forcefully playing the entire track there was only one conclusion to make: The Rock’s new rap song is terrible.

If you can stomach an absolutely trash verse by Dwayne then jump to the 3 minute mark of the video above and listen to it yourself. This is obviously a failed attempt at some kind of macho man gym pump up song to get meathead guys like The Rock fired up before lifting a mini van over their heads. Only problem is when you hear how shitty the flow and lyrics are you’ll probably drop that mini van right on your meat head. I think it’s obvious The Rock tried to write his own “inspiring” lyrics for the song, but completely swung and missed when everyone realized muscles and shitty cop-spy wannabe movies don’t translate into rap flow.

For the sake of your family, your wife, your children, don’t listen to this song. It will draw only chaos into your home, like saying Beatlejuice 3 times. This song’s so bad it will curse you for life so please, do yourself a favor and just listen to it this one time then destroy all evidence of doing so. You wouldn’t want to summon The Rock to your house, or he might just suplex you and then bang your wife.

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