February 2, 2023

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The Reality: What Would Happen If I Played In The NFL

I’m arguably the most average dude on the planet. I’m a 6 foot tall, 180 pound white dude with athleticism that blends into the crowd. As an average dude, I sometimes think about how I would stack up against NFL talent and size. Here is. reality check for all of us and on inside scoop on what would happen.

First off, this video below shows the size and power of NFL players. Robert Hunt is 6’6 and a whopping 330 pounds. I don’t need to go into detail here but this dude would flatten me like a pancake. He would toss me so hard I would possibly shit myself or break two bones in my chest. I could have a 40 yard running start and power dive into him and he probably wouldn’t move more than an inch or two. Sadly, I’m willing to argue that he would also beat me in a sprint as well.

Next, I would lose to everyone in a foot race. Even 400+ pound offensive linemen. the only saving grace I could have to play in the league is to be the placeholder for find goals and extra points. However, if you run a fake play, I would need to have some agility which is just out of the question. If I were to play in the NFL I could only be a depth player utilized to try and draw taunting penalties. If I were a running back I would sacrifice my body and get destroyed to then make suggestive jokes to the other team and draw a taunting penalty. Thats my role.

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