March 31, 2023

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The NFL Never Disappoints

This weekend was one of the best ever for the NFL. All the Playoffs games were close, down to the wire and very exciting. Overall, all the games were electric and its always fun to see a bunch of fat Packers fans with their shirts off in -4 degree weather. Here is my breakdown and why each game was the fucking best.

First off, the Bengals, 49ers and Rams all won off of a last minute field goal to win the game. All three of these games literally went to the last seconds tied up and didn’t make it to overtime. I love close games and as a fan without a horse in the race, it made watching all the more enjoyable. First off, the 49ers upset the packers which is awesome. All the fans in Wisconsin are so drunk they still don’t know what happened. Jimmy G threw some dimes and didn’t disappoint.

The Bengals, led by Joe Burrow, might have the most style in the NFL. Burrow just has that cocky swagger that winners have and flaunt. How can you not trust that guy with the ball? I just want him to smoke a cigar with a trophy in his hand. How can you not cheer for the guy? Also, the Bills vs Chiefs game might be the best game ever. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes both played perfect games. They couldn’t have been better. The two best in the league showed why they are fucking sick and they are the two best teams in the NFL.

You hate to see Bray get eliminated but he is still the goat and anyone who feels bad for him can go fuck themselves.

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