March 31, 2023

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The NBA Finals Couldn’t be Worse

Every year you could guess the two teams in the NBA Finals easily. Maybe you have to pick between 4-5 teams but to me that just isn’t entertaining. This year the Warriors and the Celtics made it to the NBA Finals to close out the year. With the talent on both teams, it will be somewhat enjoyable, however I just can’t see the excitement in knowing what teams will make it each year.

First off, the Warriors have one the NBA Finals in 6 out of the last 8 year. If they will this year, they could dominate the NBA for 7 out of 9 seasons which is the reason why people are dropping the NBA and viewership is starting to decline. The rise of super teams is making the game less enjoyable to watch and is driving fans out.

The Celtics had a great season this year and beat the Miami Heat to make it to the Finals. I’ll admit it, that was a good series but the only actual teams that could win this year were the Heat, Celtics, Bucks and the Warriors. Other than that, teams just didn’t have the fire power to keep up.

On top of all that, the Warriors star Steph Curry is even money to win the finals MVP which isn’t even cool.

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