March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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The MLB Sucks

Its becoming more and more obvious that the MLB season probably won’t happen next year. Lockouts in all major sports happen on occasion. It’s happened in the NHL twice in recent time and now the MLB is looking at having a serious lockout. As a fan, I think its total bullshit and whoever’s in charge needs to be shot.

So heres the problem. The players want more money, the owners don’t want to pay up. For me, I think its insane that MLB players want more money. They’re consistently the highest paid athletes on average and that makes no sense. They’re viewership numbers ate very low and the game is very boring compared to others. Why do they want more money? Apparently a league average of 4.17 million dollars isn’t enough….. Are you serious?

Fuck, the MLB is a joke. I hope they lockout and save us the hassle of getting notifications for a boring sport 182 times a year.

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