February 2, 2023

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The McRib Honestly Sucks

McDonald’s is America’s golden child. This might be the most American restaurant there is and customers have devote loyalty towards the brand. That being said, there are some menu items that just stick out as classic. Over the weekend, McDonald’s Canada tweeted out this tweet below:

Many customers speculate it is the McPizza or the McRib but later it was leaked that the McPizza was not coming back. I noticed an astounding about of hype once people realized most likely the MCRib is coming back. But to be honest, McRibs kind of suck. I know this isn’t a popular opinion but it isn’t ever an option for me for a few reasons.

First off, its soft and flimsy. The meat tastes like it has been frozen for the better part of a year and they drench that bitch in barbecue sauce. If I wanted to get lost in that much sauce I would just go to Arby’s and force myself to guzzle down a pint of Horsy Sauce. Also, the bun on the McRib isn’t crisp or full, it just feels like a bunch of slices of Wonder Bread mashed up. Many people love the McRib but bringing back the McPizza would be the move.

Either way, this is just good for the people of Canada anyways. Maybe if they brought the McPizza back I would consider going up there but now I have no reason to visit Canada other than Niagara Falls. Hopefully their healthcare system won’t get run-down with a surge of patients coming in suffering from life threatening diarrhea from the McRibs because that is fairly common with these things.

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