February 2, 2023

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The Next ’Matrix’ Movie is on the Way

The Matrix 4

Following the Hollywood trend of rehashing old properties, Warner Bros has just released a teaser trailer for the next installment in The Matrix series. To properly view the teaser, you have to go to whatisthematrix.com, where fans of the franchise will be presented with a familiar choice: the red pill or the blue pill. Clicking either pill will then direct the viewer to a teaser, with each pill’s choice differing in narration and visuals. What’s really chilling about the website, is that each trailer announces the exact time that you’re watching it, leading viewers to question their own realities as Neo and Morpheus appear onscreen.

The Matrix: Resurrections will supposedly pick up where its late 90s/early 2000s predecessors left off. The film series explores the nature of reality in a sci-fi setting where the life people see is no more than a simulation constructed around them. Honestly, this sort of movie couldn’t come at a better time, with great minds like Elon Musk claiming that there’s a good chance our whole real-life world could be a simulated program. Hence, this movie will probably have people leaving theaters both thrilled and anxious as hell. Nevertheless, I’ll pay good money to see Keanu Reeves go full John Wick on a bunch of AI-constructed bad guys. A full trailer for The Matrix: Resurrections is set to release this Thursday, September 9th.

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