June 5, 2023

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The Locksmith’s Picks – July 8

We’ve got another Blood Bank Guarantee coming at you today! The Locksmith had to take a few days off to enjoy all the money he’s been winning everyone with those locks. With a 3-0 day and the Blood Bank Guarantee hitting, we are looking to keep building on the momentum. Today we have Game 2 of the NBA Finals and that’s what we will be targeting.

  1. Phoenix Suns -5.5 I was at Game 1 in Phoenix and I’ve never been in an arena that was so loud. You couldn’t hear yourself think for 2 and a half hours. The Suns fed off of that energy in the first game and I see them doing the same for Game 2. They didn’t even play their best game and they still cruised to victory. I don’t see Jae Crowder having 1 point again and the Bucks won’t be able to conatin Booker. Suns win 114-102.
  2. Jae Crowder OVER 10.5 Points As I said above I don’t see Crowder not making a field goal all night. He’s a veteran who will go practice and get his shot down for tonight. Crowder will knock down 3 3’s tonight and get to 12-14 points with ease. THIS IS MY BLOOD BANK GUARANTEE FOR TODAY
  3. San Diego Padres (-145) This is going to be a great pitching matchup between Yu Darvish and Max Scherzer. I’m going with the Padres tonight purely due to my love of saying SLAM DIEGO. On a serious note, the Padres odds here are too good not to take them. Scherzer won’t get any help behind him tonight and the Pads are rolling. Padres win 6-1 tonight.

The Locksmith Overall: 8-4

Blood Bank Guarantee: 2-0

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