May 28, 2023

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The Locksmith’s June 30 Picks

Welcome to the Locksmith’s daily betting picks! A few items to make clear before we begin this journey of making you money.

  • Make sure you establish a betting unit for yourself. For example, if you can afford to bet $100 on a single game then 1 unit would be $100. If you are bet at lower stakes then maybe 1 unit is $10 or $20.
  • GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY. I’m here to make you some money but please don’t be throwing the house on one of my picks.
  • If I say a betting pick is a BBB that means it’s a Blood Bank Guarantee. I have the utmost confidence in a pick if I label it a BBB.

Let’s get to the Wednesday picks! We have a full slate with Game 6 of Suns and Clippers, Game 2 of the Stanley Cup, and a full slate of MLB action.

  1. Suns ML (Money Line) (-120) First pick of the night is going to come from the Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Clippers Game 6. The Suns came into Game 5 thinking they were going to face a Clippers team that wasn’t going to try hard and were punched in the mouth going down 20-5 to start the game. Game 5 was a wake up call and like they did in their opening round series against the Lakers they will win Game 6 in LA.
  2. Clipper Team Total UNDER 107.5 The Suns were #6 in defensive rating in the regular season and after getting embarrassed in Game 5 Monty Williams will have his team ready to go on the defensive end. Paul George can get his 30 points, but they can’t allow Morris to put up career numbers again. The Clippers also don’t really have home-court advantage as the Suns do. Having been to the games in LA there are a ton of Suns fans at the game and they make themselves known. THIS IS MY BBB FOR THE DAY!!!!
  3. Lightning Team Total OVER 2.5 (-155) The Lightning showed in Game 1 that they are the clear better team in this matchup. I see this being the same story in Game 2. I don’t see much value in betting the money line for Tampa so I’d rather get a better value on them scoring at least 3 goals. The Canadiens can’t handle the Lightning Power Play and their top 2 lines. I see the final score being either 3-2 or 4-2 in Game 2.

Let’s make some money on Day 1 and come back everyday to see what the Locksmith has because all I do is pick locks!

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