February 2, 2023

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The Hilarious TikTok Trend That’s Catching People Lacking in 4K

Funniest TikToks

Vigilante justice isn’t dead. Over the last few weeks, a marvelous new phenomenon has shown up on TikTok. The trend highlights the comment section of various thirst trap Tik Tok videos. The user then screenshots an aggressively horny comment, find’s the commenter’s social media accounts, and DMs the screenshots to their significant other, place of work, or the FBI – depending on the scenario. Paired with the grave bell tolls of the WWE’s Rest In Peace (Undertaker) soundtrack, these videos make for a hilarious showcase of internet sleuthing. Nobody’s safe boys, so better keep your dick in your pants and out of some rando’s comments.

In our cancel culture climate, it is easy to throw around accusations of he said she said without any legitimate evidence. This new TikTok wave indicts perverts by presenting their actions in real-time in front of a worldwide audience. It all goes to show how pitiful some dudes are who think they can hide behind the protection of their phone screen without consequences. The reality is that once you’ve posted something online, it can always come back to haunt you. The funniest part of this trend comes from comparing the comments to who actually wrote them, such as the preacher who just wants to smell farts.

May this be a lesson to all the down bad simping horndogs out there. Your nasty comments won’t get you anywhere in life. No one is gonna fall for you that way, and you’re more likely to get outed in front of a live social media jury. Kudos to all of the unsung heroes on TikTok doing the Lord’s work. All of us decent human beings thank you for your efforts to make the internet a better place, one comment at a time.

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