February 2, 2023

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The Hilarious ‘River Monsters’ Account That is Carrying TikTok

Jeremy Wade from 'River Monsters'
Childish humor is the best humor.

TikTok is a funny animal. Trends come and go all the time, and what’s funny one day may be obsolete the next. For the last few weeks, however, an account called @nocontextwade has been tickling my funny bone. The account posts clips from River Monsters, the Animal Planet Television show that followed extreme angler Jeremy Wade as he searched for the world’s deadliest freshwater creatures. The thing is, @nocontextwade has added an interesting, if not somewhat immature element to each video. Perhaps it’s best to take a look for yourself:

That’s right, dick jokes baby. The whole account is full of them and I’m definitely guilty of spending far too long laughing at what is essentially the same joke in every video. The thing is they work so damn well that it’s nearly impossible not to crack a smile when Jeremy Wade compares an extinct underwater monster to his manhood.

Never before has someone made fish sound so sexual. Jeremy’s innocent descriptions paired with naughty context is the exact childish humor that the world needs right now. During a time when everything is taken so seriously, it’s nice to know that @nocontextwade’s 253.8K followers are being reminded of the truly joyful things in life. A.K.A, fishing equals f*cking.

With 10 seasons of River Monsters to pull from, I don’t see @nocontextwade losing steam anytime soon. Similar to the South Park episode, ‘Fishsticks,’ there’s something undeniably funny about pairing fish with dicks. I’m not sure if he’s seen them, but I think Jeremy Wade would approve of the TikToks, seeing as they make him out to be a total champ in the bedroom.

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