February 6, 2023

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The Forever Purge Review

The Purge film franchise has been scaring audiences since the first film’s release in 2013. The Forever Purge is the fifth and final installment in the series and does something different than the previous films. The Forever Purge is set in Texas and follows Mexican couple Adela and Juan as they work for the wealthy Tucker Family. The annual purge occurs, but this time, it’s not only twelve hours. Masked villains attack the Tucker family after the purge is over and makes it clear that the purge is continuing until the country is purified to just the white race. Mexico and Canada have opened their borders for six hours, so we follow our main characters racing to safety and avoiding the active purgers. 

The Forever Purge surprising serves as a racial and social commentary to some of the problems that are still very relevant today, and represents what is truly wrong with our country. Also, what could possibly happen in the future. That being said, some can see it as very cliche and forced, but the film should be admired for trying something more in its narrative structure than its predecessors. The film still does have the horror and gore elements that fans will enjoy, but goes further with its message. As the film is enjoyable, the character development is essentially nonexistent. Overall, not a bad movie to check out, and a must see if you have seen the previous four. The Forever Purge scores a 6/10 on the MF Scale.

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