March 31, 2023

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The five types of people on New Year’s Eve

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It’s New Year’s Eve! Which means however you decide to ring in 2022, you can be sure you’ll run into at least one of the following people during your festivities.

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The Drunk

It’s last night of the year, they’re going out with a bang. No regrets. Whether it’s at a bar, a concert or a house party… it’s shot o’clock. (a tequila shot every second counting down till midnight, maybe?) These are the party animals that have no shame, and no fear of a ridiculously hungover January 1.

The lovebirds

Everyone else might give a nice, classy midnight peck to their significant other, meanwhile this couple is full on making out on your sofa. “Guys, it’s 12:03 now, you can stop.” From never leaving each other’s hips at the party to spending 11:12-11:37pm taking the perfect couples Instagram picture, these two are the ones you wish you didn’t invite, and if you did, you’re now wishing you threw a slipcover on that couch.

The person with too many plans

From 8pm to midnight, these are the people bouncing around from house to house, party to party, showing face everywhere they can and quickly leaving because they are “too cool” to stay at one place. A glass of champagne here, a couple of hor d’ouerves there, they freeload around the city until ultimately being alone and in-between venues when the clock strikes midnight. Don’t feel bad for them.

The stay in and watch a movie crowd

Honestly, this isn’t the worst choice, especially now with everyone and their mother getting Covid. Posting up on the sofa, snuggling up with a nice glass of champagne and ringing in the New Year in complete peace sounds quite enjoyable. The hardest decision you have to make is do you wanna watch Miley & Pete, Anderson & Andy or Seacrest. If you’re taking this approach to the new year, cheers. I envy you.

The Roaring 20s crowd

These are the people who dress up and need to host the most biggest, lucious, extravagant bash of the year. They’re trying for the third time to ring in the roaring 20s (what’s ironic is that Covid did actually exist in December of 2019), we just didn’t get it yet. Get out your top hats and Veuve Clicquot, because this crowd cares more about social climbing and who’s got the “good bag” in the bathroom than actually setting goals for a productive 2022.

Happy New Year!!

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