February 6, 2023

The Tap Daily

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The BEST hack to treat a Sunburn.

We’ve all been there. A great day out at the beach… a long day out at a sporting event… maybe even playing a game of tennis tarpless… only to get home, take a shower and cower in the unbelievable pain of realizing you got absolutely ROASTED by the sun. And unfortunately, as a fair-skinned Irishman, I’ve experienced it far too often.

So here’s a life-changing hack I’ve discovered and want to pass along to you, my fellow sunburn sufferers. At the beginning of the summer (April/May), buy one bottle of gooey aloe and keep it stored in THE BACK OF YOUR FRIDGE. That way, it’ll always be EXTRA cool and soothing when you most need it. Hell, even throw the Lidocaine spray in there for good measure. I can’t tell you how many times this has SAVED me.

I promise you, putting on your pre-refrigerated aloe will be the most amazing, fulfilling, thing you can do besides not getting a sunburn in the first place. Just be sure not to mistake the bottle for anything else when you’re rumbling through your fridge at 2am looking for some drunchies.

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