June 5, 2023

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‘The Batman 2’ is in Development

A sequel to the wildly successful Matt Reaves film, ‘The Batman,’ has been slated and green lit for development as of earlier this week with virtually every major talent from the first installment set to appear in the second film. Though currently untitled and extremely quiet on the spoiler side of storyline fans are already speculating where the next chapter of Robert Pattinson’s take on the caped crusader will go. Like most people who have been following the new Batman universe I do believe the deleted scene, combined with the Arkham Asylum teaser at the end of the film which shows a revamped version of the Joker, alludes to an introduction of the same character.

It also seems like the Penguin, played by Colin Farrell, will emerge as a major player in the ranks of Batman’s upcoming challengers. The return of Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) is currently uncertain, however it most likely will be a recurring conflict for Wayne, especially with their seemingly romantic energy at different points in the first story.

No release or production dates have been announced which means the project’s most likely still in script stages. Needless to say fans are more than anticipating Reeves’s sequel with equally, if not more hype than the first film in his new format of the Gotham universe. Let’s just hope this doesn’t end up like Ben Affleck’s Batman… just complete overhype and disappointment. If you actually think Ben Affleck was a good Batman you should get tested for brain cell count because you’re clearly cinematically challenged.

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