February 2, 2023

The Tap Daily

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The Sparkling Water Hack

Looking for a new, subtle way to get women to notice you AND think you have way more money than you actually do? Start carrying around a bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water (or Santa Vittoria if you wanna go extra fancy) wherever you go. It’s an instant way to get women to think that you are way, way more wealthy than you actually are. That big, green, glassy bottle just exudes class, and chicks will notice, right away.

There’s something refined… something elegant about a man who drinks sparkling water, especially if it’s foreign. It lets a woman know, wow… this guy is cultured. And what woman doesn’t want to date a cultured dude?

I’ve honestly found that people treat me different when carrying around a bottle of Italian fizzy water. It’s like fake tits for guys. Just get yourself a bottle and be prepared to be oogled left and right from women just wondering which exotic location you’re gonna whisk them off to for your first date.

Now the real hack here is… you don’t need to buy these expensive bottles of water all the time. It’s a one time investment, spend like $6 on a big ass bottle once, and then just keep refilling it with tap water from your sink. People won’t know the difference, and you’ll still appear like a baller who only drinks the finest in fizzy. And people might say, “I hate sparkling water! It’s gross! How am I gonna even finish it?!?” You don’t have to, it’s even not about the water!! Just dump it, and as long as you’re carrying around this classy, foreign beverage container, women can’t help but notice your elevated elegance.

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