February 2, 2023

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The 3 Best Lotion Brands For Men

As a guy, it is important to know what lotion brand is right for you. On a daily basis, we use lotion for a variety of non-sexual reasons. These situations occur daily and help us calm down, relax and put ourselves in a good mental headspace. As a veteran in the lotion game, I have put together my top 3 favorite mens lotion brands when it comes to skin hydration, smell and friction elimination.

First off, we have the CeraVe lotion for men. This is a top notch lotion for men who have dry or flaky skin. Whenever you use this lotion, I suggest gently stroking the dry area using a timid yet forceful grip. It is important to note that while the speed of the application is important, the feeling of emotion behind it is what really counts. While this isn’t the best smelling lotion, it packs a punch and the friction reduction is second to none.

Next, we have Dove lotion for men. The advanced formula is designed for men’s skin┬áto feel non-greasy and absorb quickly into skin; be suitable for sensitive skin; help skin to lock in moisture. While Dove is primarily marketed towards women, we all should use this lotion. It isn’t always fun to apply lotion by yourself, but the Dove brand brings in a woman’s perspective making the application process enjoyable all by yourself.

Lastly, the best lotion for men, Lubriderm. It smells great. The skin hydration is impeccable and there is little to no friction during application. Lubriderm is so smooth, in fact, that one could even sit on their hand for awhile until it falls asleep and then apply the lotion. It will then feel like someone else is applying the lotion giving you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to skin hydration. This is 10/10.

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