June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Thanksgiving Review

My family went off the rails this year. We totally punted on the typical Thanksgiving meal options and did our own thing. We went for a prime rib thanksgiving this year and it was epic. No stuffing. No mashed potatoes. No turkey wtf.

It was a wild day full of cocktails, wine and hardly cooked meats. It was an Italian thanksgiving, so we had our typical copper and prosciutto. This was awesome, but I did feel that I missed out on the turkey. I would rate the food an 8/10 but I wasn’t as full as I typically am on this holiday. However, everyone avoided a DUI situation which was a good thing.

Football wise, I had a great day. My Raiders won, YUUUUUUURRRRRR. Also, Daniel Carlson scored 21 points as a fantasy kicker so I pretty much had a boner all night. This Thanksgiving was epic. The sad thing is, I still won’t make the playoffs which is total bullshit. Im going to send an email or two to block peoples trades just to be a straight up asshole. All in all, Thanksgiving was great.

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