June 5, 2023

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Thanksgiving Food Power Ranking

Pretty straight forward here. Thanksgiving slaps and the food is the best. Here are the foods you need to rip up this month.

First, stuffing. Stuffing is the most unique food on this power ranking because it is so versatile and specific to Thanksgiving. think about it. When have you ever eaten stuffing other than Thanksgiving season? I am willing to wager that you haven’t. Also, stuffing works with all the sides and entrees that come with thanksgiving dinner. Throw a ton of gravy on that shit and have a time.

Second, creamed corn. Creamed corn is terrible for you but it tastes better than anything on this list. I love making a ton of creamy jokes about it. they are layups and perfect for a thanksgiving dinner with family that you see twice a year. these jokes may be off-putting sometimes but it is important to highlight the fact that they bring the people together.

Third, gravy. Gravy is the piece that holds the pieces together. Dare I say, it is the foundation that holds up the entire structure. Gravy is good on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and anything else on the plate. I usually just dump it on everything and make a huge mess when eating. this allows me to get up early to “clean up” but in reality I just get up and change into a Power Rangers shirt and watch football.

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