March 31, 2023

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Texas mom keeps Covid positive son in trunk of her car

opened vehicle trunk

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It’s a pretty wild ride here, but I’ll try to break it down-

So, according to CNN, Sarah Beam, 41, was charged after authorities arrived at a Houston-area Covid testing site on January 3 following a report that a health services official had found the child in trunk of Beam’s car. 

According to the warrant, the mother told the health director that she wanted to prevent exposure to the virus while driving her son to the testing site for “additional testing.”

man looking from the car trunk
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We’re clearly dealing with a genius here. I mean what safer way to transport your child and keep everyone safe from Covid than by stuffing them in the trunk of your sedan? She’s just looking out for the greater good.

What can be more isolating that being squished up in the back trunk of a Camry? I don’t see anything wrong with it, she’s just following CDC protocol, right? She’s just trying everything she can to not catch the ‘rona. She must’ve learned this tactic from the Taliban School of Transportation? Mask up, throw ’em in the trunk and on our way! (And for you idiots out there, this is clearly sarcastic).

And you know what makes this whole thing even worse, she’s a teacher. This woman is actually a local school teacher, I mean who knows what she’d do if the afternoon bus came ten minutes late? “Alright kids, gotta get going, hop in the trunk.”

Parents, if you think your kid has the Rona, for clarity’s sake, the last thing you should do is throw them in the trunk of your car.

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