February 6, 2023

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Halloween Comes Early for Texas Lawyer

Michael Myers Prank
Source (Mark Metzger)

As summer comes to a close, many people are beginning to get into the fall spirit. From sweaters to pumpkins to everything spooky, it seems the season of autumn is nearly upon us. For one Texas lawyer, Halloween just couldn’t come soon enough. On Monday, September 13, island attorney Mark Metzger was cited by police in Galveston, Texas. Their reasoning: Metzger was wandering the beach dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween film franchise, complete with a fake bloody knife. Metzger claimed it was a prank and uploaded photos to Facebook – even those of him being briefly detained by police. God bless you Mark Metzger, the new patron saint of the spooky season.

Source (Mark Metzger)

While I’m totally on Metzger’s, aka Michael Myers’, side here it’s understandable why someone called 9-1-1 on him. I mean if we start letting everyone and their mothers dress up as psychos in public, we’re going to have another wave of killer clown phenomena just like we did in 2016. Not to fret, however, Metzger is a lawyer after all. Despite being issued a misdemeanor charge, the lawyer claimed he was “still fuzzy” about the illegal nature of his prank. Hence we can only hope he’ll pull off some courtroom magic and live to scare another day.

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