March 31, 2023

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Super sick double one-punch knockout coming out of the KHL

Ahh Russia, where all things are taken to the Xtreme. Check out this sick fight between Karlis Cukste and Nikita Dynyak in a Russian Hockey league game last night. The fight only lasted about five seconds, but that’s because both dudes just absolutely crushed each other with savage one punch knockouts. Not kidding you, if there’s one thing you do all day, you have to watch this double one punch knockout.

Seriously, what can be more Russian than a one punch knockout on skates? How about two simultaneous one punch knockouts on skates?!?! It’s sick enough to see a one punch knockout in a hockey fight, but a double one-punch is pretty much unheard of. Wonder how both their domes were feeling after that one. I’m also a major fan of the double helmet removal before the fight even starts. Such a classy and elegant move from two warriors that would get you a game misconduct in the pussy-joke of a league that is the NHL And also, I love the total nonchalantness of the announcers. Talking totally chill over a bowl of borscht like that hadn’t just witnessed a fucking double one-punch knockout on ice.

Thank God for the internet, or else this legendary feat of shady Russian hockey would’ve been buried and kept from receiving the full respect and admiration it deserves.

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