February 2, 2023

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Plastic Covid-19 Barriers are More Harmful Than Helpful

Back in 2020, when everyone started to take Covid-19 seriously, businesses and schools came up with a myriad of ways to keep patrons and students from getting sick. As it turns out, one of these methods may have helped transmit the virus further. According to studies done in Brittain and the United States, erecting plastic barriers in public spaces can inhibit proper airflow. In turn, the barriers can cause dangerous air particles to accumulate rather than disperse, which actually heightens the chances of transmission instead of lowering them.

Source: Yahoo.com

Oh, what people will do to keep their businesses open. I can’t blame restaurant owners for simply doing what they were told would keep customers safe. The unfortunate truth is that plastic barriers are one of the many pandemic precautions that make people feel safe without actually doing much. My favorite example has to be the wood and tent-like structures restaurants would set up in order to provide a ‘safe outdoor dining experience.’ Now I’m no expert on the exact science of indoor transmission rates, but one might argue that eating in a tent is not much different than dining in a brick and mortar building. Likewise, why is it unsafe to stand up in a restaurant without a mask, but sitting suddenly makes it okay? Also, is Covid not transmissible outside of six feet? And isn’t hand sanitizer antibacterial, while Covid-19 is viral? Sorry, I got off track there for a moment.

Source: KGW

While they may have not done the best job at keeping people safe from the virus, many of the precautions taken throughout the Covid-19 pandemic did offer something in the way of humor. For instance, the Eastmont Highschool band class from Washington state came up with a creative solution for how to play their instruments amidst a mask mandate. The result is something out of a bad dystopian young adult novel. I’m sure the acoustics are great in those things.

Source: The Seattle Times

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