June 5, 2023

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Steve Harvey’s Fashion Upgrade is Immaculate

Steve Harvey's Fashion Upgrade

The renowned Family Feud host has set the internet ablaze over the last few days with his new and improved designer outfits. Harvey, who is best known for his dense mustache and ability to roll with the jokes, has never been much of a fashion icon. Nevertheless, recent posts from his social media completely shatter those expectations. Boasting bold colors straight out of a comic book page, Twitter users are having a blast with Steve Harvey’s fashion upgrade.

My favorite new outfit of Steve’s has to be the green trenchcoat/suit combo. The dude literally looks like the riddler in the upcoming Batman movie, and honestly, I feel like he’d do a pretty great job. This man has come a long way since botching the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant in 2015, and even further still since debuting on television in the 90s. Keep killing it, Steve. May you remain an icon forever.

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