June 5, 2023

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Staples Center to be Renamed ‘Crypto.com Arena’ by Christmas

The iconic Los Angeles Staples Center arena is getting a new name starting December 25th. As of this coming Christmas, the L.A. sports and entertainment mecca will be rebranded as the Crypto.com Arena after 22 years under its Staples identity. The name change comes as part of a 20-year branding deal which is believed to be the largest venue branding contract in U.S. history.

crypto.com arena

The branding move further legitimizes a major crypto currency movement that’s been sweeping the country over the past few years, especially with new meme coins popping up left and right. I think it makes sense someone would outbid Staples on branding rights for one of the most iconic buildings in the world. I mean seriously, who goes to Staples anymore? Every time I go in there for some random office supply I’m too lazy to wait for on Amazon there’s a max of 2 people in the store, including the cashier.

With crypto currencies like Etherium and Bitcoin making major gains it’s no surprise to see the first branding effort of it’s kind to legitimize an often misconceived currency market. It’s gonna be weird not buying tickets to the Staples Center anymore, but at least Crypto Arena isn’t as shitty of a name as “Climate Pledge Arena” in Seattle. Seriously, we get it Seattle… You’re woke. But couldn’t you just name your arena after some obsolete product like the rest of the country? SMH.

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