March 20, 2023

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‘Squid Game’ on Netflix is WILD

If you haven’t already seen the thousands of memes circulating social media with a giant little girl that turns around and shoots a bunch of people in jump suits, then I guess you’re unfamiliar with the most popular show in Netflix history. The hit new South Korean limited series, ‘Squid Game’, follows 456 contestants as they compete in children’s games for a massive cash prize. The only catch? If you lose, you die.

squid game

Without spoiling too much of the show, I will say if you wanna see why everyone’s posting memes with the giant killer baby then you should at least watch episode 1. But be warned, I was only initially going to watch the first installment to see the baby meme scene, but as soon as it ended I was hooked. I’m not usually one to enjoy watching shows or movies in a foreign language with subtitles, but trust me if it’s as entertaining as ‘Squid Game’ you won’t even realize you’re reading them.

Honestly, when I first heard of the show I was expecting another ‘Bird Box’ situation where everyone on the internet was blowing up some absolutely shitty show as a joke. I mean the first impression everyone has of the series is that giant fuckin’ killer baby. Trust me when I say this time the Twitter world was onto something. It’s violent, it’s cinematic, and it’s unlike any show I’ve seen before which is refreshing in a time where most television is just some new woke shit.

They left it wide open for a second season right at the end with a massive cliffhanger so please, go watch the first season before your friends start thinking you’re pop culture illiterate. You’re welcome.

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