March 31, 2023

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‘Squid Game’ is the New ‘Purge’ of Halloween Costumes

Squid Game

As Halloween inches closer, those who plan on celebrating need to start picking out costumes ASAP. While some outfits never go out of style, i.e. athletes, slutty cats, and the Joker, some are merely based on what’s trending at the time (cue the Tiger King costumes from 2020). This year, the biggest costume trend will be surrounding Netflix’s hit Korean phenomenon, Squid Game. Namely, most costumes will likely be emulating the look of the mask-donned workers from the show. For people like me who were coming of age when The Purge first became popular, it’s easy to see where this trend is going in terms of spooky holiday attire.

Now if we’re being honest, these Squid Game outfits are only the latest in a long line of “cute” Halloween costumes designed after murderous characters. I can already picture hundreds of Instagram posts with couples clad in the pink jumpsuits with a caption reading “Red Light Green Light” or some other out-of-context quote from the graphically violent show. Look, I’m all for having fun. The outfits are definitely unique and creative, but still predictable as hell. Any costume party you walk into on October 31st is bound to have a couple of these Playstation-looking individuals lurking around somewhere, and in a year or two, the costume will devolve into a baggy pink t-shirt or hoodie with a mask and short shorts. If you don’t believe me, just look at some current Purge couples’ costumes and then tell me I’m wrong

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