March 31, 2023

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Sports debate shows are stupid and a waste of time

As someone who was raised on a healthy dose of Boomer, Carton and Francesca, it pains me to listen to the current crop of sports “analysts” we have out there.

Why do people care so much and spend so much time dwelling on sports arguments that don’t even matter?! What is the point?!?! The game is over, it’s done. The Sixers won 93-72, any discussion on if whether or not Ben Simmons was subbed in earlier or later in the third quarter would have no actual effect on the result of the game. So why are we even talking about it?!?!

If you’re gonna talk sports, talk sports news!! Tell me the latest info that nobody else has!!! Enough with the vehement circle jerking of players past their prime! Who cares?

Any argument over what “shoulda, woulda coulda” happened in a game or series is an absolutely nonsensical argument. It’s like debating whether the triceratops or velociraptor would beat the other in a fight. Spoiler alert, that argument hasn’t mattered for the last 72.1 million years!

Arguing whether or not the QB should have ran or thrown the ball AFTER THE GAME is like arguing which Mexican dish would give me the runs afterward… the bean burrito or the gordita crunch? I already ate dinner, the time for this debate has sailed, and regardless I’m on the toilet.

I’m sick of these sports “pundits” spewing out a bunch of nonsensical hypothetical, barely conversational garbage. I mean I actually enjoy Colin Cowherd, but how could anyone listen to him go on and on and on about which Bulls team was better, 97 or 96? Also, these shows last for HOURS. Why does it take 47 minutes to debate whether or not “Giannis proved James Harden wrong by winning a championship” (not that it even matters, anyway).

If you’re gonna talk sports, talk strategy… talk about the upcoming game… use real stats and talk about the season outlook. Don’t argue about who had the better dynasty twenty years ago, or whether or not Trevor Lawerence or Gardner Minshew was the better choice last weekend, it doesn’t matter, the game is over!! Move on!

This video right here, does a pretty good job of summing up my feelings.

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