June 5, 2023

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Spiral Review

As many outsiders have seen Saw movie after Saw Movie get released, us die hard fans can’t get enough. Although not directly connected to the Saw Franchise, Spiral: From the Book of Saw stars Chris Rock, who is also credited as a story writer, as Detective Zeke Banks. Banks and his rookie partner are now investigating a copy cat killer who is styling his murderous games after Jigsaw. I couldn’t believe it either but yes, Chris Rock rebooted the Saw franchise.

Going into any Saw movie, a fan wants gore, brutality, and torture, and I can honestly say you will not get that with Spiral. There are a few moments, but not enough to satisfy the needs of the fans and to keep the reputation of the previous Saw films. Now for a random viewer, this may be a good thing. Spiral plays like a police procedural with more witty jokes than the Saw films. As Chris Rock is a comedic genius and has dipped his toes in more dramatic roles such as Loy Cannon in Fargo season four, it can’t go unnoticed that this may have just been a passion project that didn’t work out as well as he wanted it to. The film runs at a great pace and is entertaining throughout, but is very predicable and may leave some frustrated. 

Spiral scores a 5/10 on the MF scale. If you’re a fan of the Saw franchise, give it a watch. If not, you can skip it. 

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