February 2, 2023

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Spiked Mountain Dew to Hit Shelves in 2022

Finally, an alternative to the awesome power of the legendary Four Loko… Spiked Mountain Dew! This week PepsiCo and Sam Adams brewer Boston Beer Company have announced they will be launching an alcoholic version of their popular Mountain Dew soda line. Hard Mtn Dew, as they’ll call it, will hit the shelves in early 2022 with an alcohol percentage of 5%. And while this might not be on the same level of “gets you fucked up” as Four Lokos, Hard Mtn Dew will definitely draw the nostalgia crowd of once loyal Dew drinkers.

spiked mountain dew

As of now the line of new spiked soda flavors will include black cherry, watermelon and the classic Mountain Dew original. Now I’m anxious to try these zero sugar seltzers as much as anyone else, but if they don’t eventually release a Code Red and Baja Blast version of the Hard Dews then I will absolutely lose my goddamn mind.

The whole point of releasing spiked versions of popular sodas is to tap into the already established fan base of consumers, and on behalf of all Mountain Dew consumers I’d like to formally request that they do the dew properly and get that spiked Code Red out ASAP so I can rip the Hard Mtn whilst getting destroyed in Modern Warfare like the good ol’ days. Let’s go, PepsiCo. Time to make some moves here.

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