November 26, 2022

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South Park Extended Through to 2027

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the legendary adult animation series South Park has been extended to 30 seasons all the way through 2027. MTV Studios announced this morning that the longest running scripted show in cable will be extended by 6 seasons, all which will be available through their Comedy Central site and most likely HBO Max. On top of the seasonal extension the new contract includes 14 South Park original made-for-streaming movies that will be part of a collaboration with Paramount+, the production company’s new streaming platform. 2 of the movies will be released by the end of 2021 which needless to say will keep all of us South Park fanatics busy with new content to watch.

With news like this it’s encouraging to see the show getting some support from a network that’s been honing in their edgier content in recent years, especially for a show like South Park. Hopefully with this new sense of contract security creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will feel comfortable enough to return to their roots and go back to ripping on anyone and everyone they possibly can without relying on the laziness of Trump jokes that every other ridiculous show on Comedy Central has done over the past 5 years. I mean who wouldn’t rather see Mr. Garrison shove a gerbil up Mr. Slave’s ass?

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