March 31, 2023

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What the fuck was that? For those of you who watched the Sopranos, do you think the ending was good? My roommate and I binge watched the Sopranos over the last few months. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great series and easily in my top 10 shows of all time, but the ending sucked ass.

The series itself was fundamentally thrilling. Between funny moments, intense dialogue and brilliant writing, its hard to say that the show was anything but great. However, then ending was lost as bad as the ending to Dexter. And that was a total shit show. The Sopranos ending season had emended highs and lows. Between the mafia war leading to the death of many key characters and the family dynamic going through dramatic growth and decline, the ending didn’t provide any closure at all.

The series ends with Phil being whacked, putting an end to the mafia war. However Bobby and Silvio died who I loved, which sucked. The final scenes include Tony getting mild closure realizing Junior is totally disconnected from reality with their final meeting and Tony meeting his family for dinner at a dinner. They touched that its important to remember the little things, signing that this could be the end for Tony.

Then, a random black screen and credits. I get the writers wanted to leave you on your seat to create your own individual interpreted ending, but to me that just seems lazy. I love the definite ending with closure. Did Tony die in the diner? Did the series end leaving us assuming the family went on as normal? I just don’t know, but the ending left me with a boner I haven’t lost and the bluest balls of the 21st century. Shitty ending to a great show. Also Silvio died which is bullshit because he was easily the funniest character.

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