November 26, 2022

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So Gigachad is Real…

Gigachad is Real
Gigachad is Real

If you’ve browsed through the more bizarre, meme-heavy side of TikTok, you’ve likely witnessed an image of Gigachad. From appearances alone, Gigachad is an extremely ripped dude, who is absolutely cut from his immaculate chin to his multitude of abs. He’s a hilarious embodiment of unrealistic body standards for men, and many people (myself included) considered him to be a heavily Photoshopped/purely CGI rendition of a human being. Well as it turns out, Gigachad is real. His name is Ernest Khalimov and he’s a Russian fitness model and bodybuilder.

Going under the name of @berlin.1969 on Instagram, Ernest has admitted that many of his photos are obviously edited and retouched. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that Gigachad is an absolute SPECIMEN of a homo sapien. This dude looks like he eats nails for breakfast, and shits golden creatine. I must admit, knowing that this man is real has truly changed something inside of me. Despite all of the beers and Mexican food, my body goals no longer seem that unattainable. Catch me on TikTok in 5 years looking like Ernest. Then again, steroids can be awfully expensive.

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