March 20, 2023

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6 Video Games to Look Forward to This Fall

With people around the globe spending more time inside these days, the video game industry has been booming. Both Xbox and Playstation released new consoles in the last year, and esports are bigger than ever. As the world of video games grows, gaming studios must constantly be on their A-game. While there are numerous exiting titles that will hit the market before the year’s end, here six video games to look forward to this fall.

Forza Horizon 5 (Nov 9)

The next instllment of the ‘Forza’ franchise sets players loose in Mexico with a sprawling open world map to explore. Both the cars and competition are bound to bring back memories of classic ‘Forza’ games while offering the biggest and best in 4K racing vistas. The game is also a Microsoft exclusive, so Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have free access to the game as soon as it hits the market on November 9th.

Battlefield 2042 (Oct 22)

The new ‘Battlefield’ looks badass. The game is deciding to go against the grain by not including a single player campaign, and by opting away from the overdone battle royale game mode. Instead, the story will be told through various customizable multiplayer modes. I know trailers can be deceiving, but if I can jump in and out of a jet mid flight, or wingsuit my way out of a parachute in the actual game, I’m 100% in.

Metroid Dread (Oct 8)

“Metroid Dread’ is a game that was originally conceived for the Nintendo DS back in 2007. Earlier this year at E3 2021, Nintendo announced the game would finally be available to play on the Switch this fall. ‘Metroid Dread’ is supposed to evoke the nostalgia of the earlier games in the franchise while offering a sense of horror as you run from killer robots in a maze of neverending passageways.

Far Cry 6 (Oct 7)

Giancarlo Esposito is the villain, need I say more? The newest ‘Far Cry’ game puts you in the shoes of a guerilla soldier as you try to destroy the regime of a corrupt dictator. While not much has been released in the way of gameplay, ‘Far Cry’s tendency toward over the top stories and visuals means the next installment is not likely to disappoint.

Horizon Forbidden West

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ is the long-awaited sequel to 2017’s ‘Horizon Zero Dawn,” in which you explore a post apocalyptic world inhabited by giant robotic creatures. The Sony exclusive is set to release this year, although no specific date has been set yet. While fans of the series are anxious to see how ‘Forbidden West’ will outdo it’s predecessor, those mechanical Lord of the Rings elephant robots.

Halo Infinite

The Chief is back baby. ‘Halo Infinite’ was originally supposed to release last fall with the Xbox Series X, but was delayed due to bugs that needed fixing. While some fans were outraged, I would rather have an amazing finished game than another ‘Cyberpunk’ situation. Even now, the game has no official date, but is planned to hit the marketplace in Q4 of 2021. Despite the delays, Microsoft still uses Master Chief as the face of gaming when it comes to everything Xbox. So go ahead and take your time, but it better be great.

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