March 31, 2023

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Should I Go Skydiving?

So the opportunity to go skydiving has been presented to me. I’m not sure what to do here. I know that skydiving is a legit bucket list goal for many, but is it smart? I myself have always wanted to go skydiving but I’m on the fence. Obviously, I will make a pros and cons list to help me process the facts and take account for the specifics that matter. Here we go.

Pros: Skydiving is fucking cool. Not many people get the opportunity to go and I don’t want it to go by the wayside. Not to mention this is a chance for some major Instagram pics with a quality photo dump. Not only does it have social media upside, but I’ll just look cool. People who skydive are seen as elite, dare devils and dreamers. I’m al those things put together. Another pro is I will be able to see whats its like to fart falling from 20,000 feet. I mean come on, thats pretty cool. I could say I busted out a lethal fart traveling at high speed. the danger factor is insane here.

Cons: there is a high percentage chance that I shit my pants. Sadly, this happens more than I’d like to publicly highlight. Once I jump put of the plane or helicopter, I think my life will flash before my eyes and make me feel as through I’m about to plummet to my death. Yeah, I’ll probably shit. The next con is that I’m a little afraid of heights. Obviously fear of heights and skydiving don’t necessarily go hand in hand. So theres that. Lastly, as a first tie diver, I’ll have a grown man strapped behind me while I’m backing dat ass up and can’t move. You’re literally strapped in with his crotch nestled in next to your ass.

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