March 31, 2023

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Should I Become A Hawaiian Shirt Guy?

a man in the beach wearing hawaiian polo

Photo by Prince Abdul on

Today, on a random Tuesday, I opened my closet and decided… you know what? Today feels like a great day for a Hawaiian shirt. They’re light, comfy, formal and just an overall great vibe. You know, I usually reserve my Hawaiian shirt wearing for more “prestigious occasions” like a weekend bender or maybe a round of golf. So throwing it on, on a Tuesday just seemed so out of the ordinary, but I figured why not?

I put it on and it felt quite good, but then I started to think to myself… It’s quite a commitment to make to be the guy that rocks a Hawaiian shirt everyday. Plus, that means you gotta have at least seven of these bad boys (can’t repeat the same Hawaiian twice in one week).

a man in the beach wearing hawaiian polo
Photo by Prince Abdul on

But nobody’s ever felt sad in a Hawaiian shirt. It’s practically an instant cure to depression. The floral patterns are so casual and calm, yet the buttons and collar just screams, “no, I’m classy.” It’s the ultimate, “I want to be formal, but I’m here to party too” shirt. There are very few occasions where a Hawaiian shirt wouldn’t be acceptable. It’s such a vibe. With a Hawaiian shirt, it’s party time, all the time, because you’re always on Island Time.

man in hawaiian shirt and blue cap standing beside sea
Photo by Micah Eleazar on

And while that sounds great, when wearing a Hawaiian shirt too often, you run the risk of having that become you’re known for. You know? Everyone has that one friend (or God forbid, even professor) where no matter what setting or occasion you saw them in, they were wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Now that’s a heavy weight to bear. Nobody like that, like dude, this is your mom’s funeral… can you throw on the slacks, please? But maybe in Honolulu they wear Hawaiian shirts to funerals because that’s what’s “formal” there, who knows? Plus, wearing a Hawaiian shirt just exudes a level of “cool” that I don’t know if I could keep up with all the time. I’ll enjoy my “Hawaiian Wednesday” but I think we can all agree, maybe we shouldn’t make it an eeeeeeveryday thing.

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